Lab News

July 2021: Welcome (back) Alicia who is returning to the lab for Honours, continuing her research into costs of resource competition and coexistence of anitbiotic sensitive and resistant bacteria.

June 2021: Welcome to Derric Lim and Bonnie Das, who will be doing undergraduate winter research projects on the effect of resource delivery on costs of resistance.

May 2021: News and Views in Nature Ecology and Evolution: “Coexistence holes fill a gap in community assembly theory” highlighting a wonderful contribution from Angulo et al. “Coexistence holes characterize the assembly and disassembly of multispecies systems“.

March 2021: Brief Communication in ISME J: “Human-associated microbiota suppress invading bacteria even under disruption by antibiotics

February 2021: Article in Ecology Letters with UQ colleague Masato Yamamichi: “Rapid evolution promotes fluctuation-dependent species coexistence

February 2021: Welcome to Alicia Williams who will be doing an undergraduate research project on costs of resistance and resource competition.

February 2021: Perspective out in Nature Ecology and Evolution on “Using ecological coexistence theory to understand antibiotic resistance and microbial competition [in constant and fluctuating environments]” – with Alex Hall and Jonathan Levine.

January 2021: Commentary in PNAS with UQ colleague Masato Yamamichi on the gleaner-opportunist trade-off: “Gleaning, fast and slow: In defense of a canonical ecological trade-off

December 2020: Welcome to Andrew Tuck, new joint lab manager for the Letten and Engelstaedter labs.

November 2020: Welcome to Emily Gates, Wenkang Huang, Tricia Lee and Sandy Hickson, who will be doing undergraduate summer research projects on the evolution of antibiotic resistance in microbial communities; and Jemma Allan who will be developing Gause-inspired Paramecium experiments for a new 2nd-year Ecology practical.