Lab News

May 2023: New paper in Theoretical Ecology led by Jurg Spaak on the effect of non-linear dynamics on quantifying niche and fitness differences.

April 2023: Welcome to Negin Bolourchi and James Richardson, who have both joined the group for PhDs. Negin will be investigating changes in metabolic/niche overlap associated with anitbiotic resistance niche overlap, and James will be developing new theory on competition in fluctuating environments.

February 2023: Welcome to Vishwa Patel, who joins the group for her PhD on the influence of temporal interactions in antibiotics and resource competition on the evolution of antibiotic resistance in microbial communities. Vishwa joins us from Samay Pande’s group at the Indian Institute of Science.

January 2023: New paper in The ISME Journal with Will Ludington on the importance of resource dynamics in the optimisation of microbial systems.

December 2022: New paper in Oikos led by Jurg Spaak on the “mess” of metrics of niche and fitness differences in coexistence theory.

September 2022: Andrew receives ARC DECRA Fellowship on “The role of resource fluctuations in structuring microbial communities”. Collaboration with Will Ludington at the Carnegie Institute. PhD scholarship to be advertised shortly.

September 2022: Article in Journal of Animal Ecology with UQ colleague Masato Yamamichi: “Extending the gleaner–opportunist trade-off“.

August 2022: Welcome to Matt Contarini, who is doing an Honours project using machine learning to predict antibiotic resistance mutations from growth curve data.

July 2022: Congratulations Alicia on First class Honours!

April 2022: Fully funded PhD opportunity on the costs and consequences of antimicrobial resistance in microbial communities!

February 2022: Welcome to Josh Bloomfield, who is doing Honours with Jan Engelstaedter and myself looking at competitive suppression in the urinary tract microbiome; and to Emily Gates who is doing a semester project on the impact of antibiotic and resource delivery regimes on the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

January 2022: Discovery Project “The costs and consequences of resistance to stress in microbial systems” funded by the ARC! 1-2 PhD scholarships to be advertised shortly.

November 2021: Welcome to Yuna Zou, John Saxon and Damien He, who are conducting undergraduate summer research projects on competitive dynamics between Drosophila gut microbiota.

July 2021: Welcome (back) Alicia who is returning to the lab for Honours, continuing her research into costs of resource competition and coexistence of anitbiotic sensitive and resistant bacteria.

June 2021: Welcome to Derric Lim and Bonnie Das, who will be doing undergraduate winter research projects on the effect of resource delivery on costs of resistance.

May 2021: News and Views in Nature Ecology and Evolution: “Coexistence holes fill a gap in community assembly theory” highlighting a wonderful contribution from Angulo et al. “Coexistence holes characterize the assembly and disassembly of multispecies systems“.

March 2021: Brief Communication in ISME J: “Human-associated microbiota suppress invading bacteria even under disruption by antibiotics

February 2021: Article in Ecology Letters with UQ colleague Masato Yamamichi: “Rapid evolution promotes fluctuation-dependent species coexistence

February 2021: Welcome to Alicia Williams who will be doing an undergraduate research project on costs of resistance and resource competition.

February 2021: Perspective out in Nature Ecology and Evolution on “Using ecological coexistence theory to understand antibiotic resistance and microbial competition [in constant and fluctuating environments]” – with Alex Hall and Jonathan Levine.

January 2021: Commentary in PNAS with UQ colleague Masato Yamamichi on the gleaner-opportunist trade-off: “Gleaning, fast and slow: In defense of a canonical ecological trade-off

December 2020: Welcome to Andrew Tuck, new joint lab manager for the Letten and Engelstaedter labs.

November 2020: Welcome to Emily Gates, Wenkang Huang, Tricia Lee and Sandy Hickson, who will be doing undergraduate summer research projects on the evolution of antibiotic resistance in microbial communities; and Jemma Allan who will be developing Gause-inspired Paramecium experiments for a new 2nd-year Ecology practical.